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1.What is Phonetic sybols?

2.What is Natural Class?

3.What is Data Analysis?


Examin the Phones[d]and[ð].Determine whether they are allophones of one phoneme or of separate phonemes.If they are allophones of one phoneme,identify their distribution.If they are separate phonemes,give minimal pairs.

1.[drama] “” 7.[komiða]“food”

2.[dolor] “” 8.[anda]“beat it ”

3.[dime] “” 9.[sueldo]“compensation”

4.[kaða] “” 10.[durar]“to last”

5.[laðo] “” 11.[teldo]“curtain”

6.[oðio] “” 12.[falda]“skirt”


落日大上次語音學你回答到Vocal cards是不是拼錯

應該是cord or cords

關於第4我覺得寫成 Vowel ð Vowel 或者[d]-- elsewhere


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    因為問題以英文出現,所以這裡也以英文回答:1. phonetic symbol:Phonetic symbols are symbols that are used to represent the speech sounds of a certain language.  For example, currently, both KK Phonetic Symbols and International Phonetic Alphabets are in common use for this purpose.  In Taiwan, KK Phonetic Symbols are adopted to represent the speech sounds of the English language.2. natural class:A natural class is a set of speech sounds that have certain phonetic features in common.  In a natural class, all the members are affected in the same way in the same environment.  Likewise, they have the same effect on other sounds that occur in their environment.3. data analysis:Data analysis aims to determine the similarities and differences between languages.  Through data analysis of speech samples, features of  languages can be detected.  For example, speech sounds can be analyzed to determine if they are allophones or simply different phonemes, as shown by the speech data in Question 4.4. [d] and [ð][d] and [ð] in this language are allophones.  As we can see,  [ð] occurs exclusively between vowels, while the environment for the occurrence of [d] is wider.  [d] occurs more freely in more environments that [ð] does.  Since they exclude each other, they are said to be allophones.回答者:落日騎士作者:落日騎士。ⓒ2005- 第三人引用前請先知會,並請加註此行訊息

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    這是英文嗎? 天阿˙˙

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