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quali and quanti research

1.) What is the difference of qualitative and quantitative research?

2.) Examples of qualitative research and quantitative research.

p.s. this is not an assignment...我只是分不出來.

Please answer it in English...thanks!


3.) Why is Human Resources Management consider as qualitative research?

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    Qualitative is descriptive of kind, type or direction, and quantitative is descriptive of size, magnitude or degree.Example, a new restaurant starts to share the market. Its qualitative research typically uses observation, interviewing, and document review to collect data, and quantitative research method based on collecting statistical data through questionnaires or surveys to help researchers determine the public opinion.補充:Human Resources Management on qualitative research means make sure the performance of your staff matches the company standards or goals. You can use checklist to monitor and review your staff.

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    1. A qualitative research is research involving detailed, verbal descriptions of characteristics, cases, and settings. A quantitative research is research that examines phenomenon through the numerical representation of observations and statistical analysis.

    so typically, qualitative research uses observation, interviewing, and document review to collect data.

    2. So an example for qualitative research, like said above, uses observation, interviewing, and document review. Most research in the humanities field is more or less qualitative, like historical research paper. Most research in the sciences are quantitative, particularly physics.

    Source(s): and i am a graduate student, so i do research all the time.
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