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discriminating palates 是什麼意思??

discriminating palates 到底怎麼翻譯比較順


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    1. The flavors are of the Greek island regional variety, which is not to be confused with continental Athenian cuisine. Discriminating palates will be able to tell the difference, with the sparse use of spices and liberal doses of olive oil, and Waldorf proudly tells of the tears his food brought to the eyes of a homesick Greek salesman.

    2. For that very special occasion; this fine French champagne will please even the most discriminating palates, and is sure to be remembered for years to come.

    3. Food & Wine is a must-have monthly magazine for anyone who thinks great food is not a luxury but a necessity. Throw a spectacular dinner party or master easy, innovative menus to please discriminating palates, thanks to recipes from the most knowledgeable chefs.

    4. Even the most discriminating palates were pleased at A Taste of Westmoreland on Saturday.

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    discriminating palates 到底怎麼翻譯比較順意指「偏好的口味」

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    discriminating palates ---> 有比較刁鑽的講究品味 

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