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Canadian Huron Tribe History

please tell me about Canadian Huron Tribe History

or any Canaidan tribe's history....

not too long

some informations and details

please tell me as soon as you can... I need it now... thanks to all of you

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    Wendat Total population:circa 2001: 8,000Significant populations in:Canada – Québec, southwest Ontario;United States – Oklahoma, Michigan, KansasLanguage:English, French, WendatReligion:Roman Catholicism, Other, NoneRelated ethnic groups:Native AmericanNorth American nativesNortheast nativesother Iroquoian peoplesThe Wyandot or Wendat (also called the Huron) are a First Nations people originally from modern day Southern Ontario and Quebec, Canada. The early French explorers called the members of a four-tribe confederacy the Huron. This name may have been applied to the Wyandot people either from the French huron (peasant), because the Huron were an agricultural people, growing corn and sunflowers; or, according to Jesuit Father Gabriel Lalemant, the name referred to a hure, the rough-haired head of wild boars. The Wendat homelands, near Georgian Bay, were known as Wendake.Huron society in the 17th centuryThe Wyandot were able to maintain stores and provisions, and were comparatively wealthy. They traded for tobacco with their southern neighbors, the Attiwandaron, or the Neutral Indian, so-called because they remained neutral in the conflict between Huron and Iroquois. Hurons practiced monogamous marriage, but it was a loose form of matrimony that could be ended by divorce by either party at any time. Marriage also did not confer any degree of sexual exclusivity. Indeed, sexual restraints were few and far between. Attractive young Huron women could accumulate considerable wealth bartering sexual favors.The Wyandots were animists who believed spirits were present in just about everything, animate or inanimate. They had a number of rituals, including the torture of captives, relating to the worship of a sun deity. They were reported as holding an annual marriage ceremony, in which two young girls of the tribe would wed the tribe's fishing nets, in the hopes that this would encourage the nets to perform their tasks more effectively.

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