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這是朋友送的,沒有中文說明,忘記該如何使用了...請問:這個保養品的使用方法?廠牌 Hupanique產品名稱 plus illuminating serum說明  This illuminating serum is especially formulated to clam skin redness,soothe irritations and moisturize dry areas of the skin.With HYPAN,as its main component,it will act as a moisturizing agent,which penetrate into skin making the skin tender and elastic.

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    這種讓人容光煥發的漿液特別是能讓皮膚保持紅潤, 撫平刺激物並且使乾燥的皮膚增加水分. HYPAN是它的主要組成部分,它將扮演一位使水分滲入皮膚(使皮嫩和有彈性)的媒介.

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    serum = 精華液

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