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連池潭的相關翻譯 請速翻成英文謝謝


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    Lotus Pond is located in the east side of Ban-Ping hill. The length of the Pond is about 1.4 axioms, and the width is around 400 meters. The surface of the Pond is about 75 hectare.



    In year 1686 (KangxiYear of twenty five), the Feng Shan Town administer, Fang-Sheng Yang gave order to build Wen Temple and plant lotus flowers in the pond for the temple.



    In every summer, the lotus flowers are wide open, and the perfume spreads over around, so it gets the name of "Lotus Pond", and it is thought one of the eight great views of Feng Shan.

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     Lotus pool pool, lie in left camp east half Pingshan hillfoot of suburb. The pool is 0.7 -km-long, about 400 wide Metre, lake surface is about 75 hectares. 1686 years (the 25th year of Kangxi) County magistrate, mountain of phoenix, Yang sweet-smelling , while building Confucian temple, regard pool pool of the lotus as and melt the pool, plant the lotus flower to intersperse in the pool. Every In value hot summer, the lotus is blooming, unless the fragrant to overflow, name not to have ' lotus pool pool ',and ' melt the pool and carry on one's shoulder or back fragrantly ' classify as one of the eight scenes of phoenix's mountain.  

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