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有人可以幫我寫一篇英文作文嗎??題目:My opinion of Corporal Punishment



文法,單字,用句不需要"非常"難@Q@ 適中就可以嚕^^謝謝

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    The systems used today are too gentle, and too moderate. An hour or more of detention is not a punishment. Neither is in-school and out-of-school suspension. To most, these so-called punishments are no more than long-awaited vacations. The child is being rewarded instead of being punished. Punishments are not meant to be enjoyed.

    Corporal punishment is the right form of discipline for these students. It brings back allegiance to teachers, order in the classrooms, and a safer environment in schools. Corporal punishment is a form of discipline used only for students who hard to control. It takes many forms, including choking, shaking, disrobement, excessive exercise, and confinement in an uncomfortable space. To some parents these punishments seem excessive, and so the right to choose which punishment is suitable for their children would be given.

    Teachers today are losing the ability to control their classrooms. Students are more disruptive, more barbarous, and ill-mannered. It is rare to find students who appreciate their teachers. Rules and discipline which were enforced during the sixties and seventies are not efficient enough for today's rebellious teens.

    Those who believe corporate punishment is an abusive behavior must realize that, if these kids were raised in a correct manner by their parents in the first place, the schools would not have to discipline them. Their parents should have instilled the difference between right and wrong. The teachers should not have to put up with disruption, nor should the students, who come to school to learn.

    The punishments used now will never work for students today or in the future. What is a phone call to a parent? If that does not bring fear at an elementary level, it definitely will not have an effect on middle school students or high school adolescents. Schools need punishment that is terrifying - a punishment that is sure to bring discomfort and not

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    IT'S NOT OK TO DO EXECUTE Corporal Punishment ON ANYONE!


    SO I DON'T AGREE Corporal Punishment!


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