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Wei asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

幫我翻譯英文歌曲(pumpkin pie time)


thanksgiving's coming

it's time to bake pies

apple and pumpkin

are sure to delight

slice up the apples

(sneak a tiny bite)

mash up the pumpkin

(one that's plump and ripe)

add a bit of sugar

sprinkle in some spice

roll out the pie crust

make it thin and light

bake the pies in the oven

'til they;re browned just right

set them on thetable

oh,they smell so nice

now,come one,come all

and bring your appetited





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  • 王大
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    thanksgiving's coming感恩節已經快到了it's time to bake pies是該把派烤起來的時候apple and pumpkinare sure to delight用蘋果和南瓜確定會生色不少slice up the apples把蘋果切成薄片(sneak a tiny bite)(偷偷吃一小口)mash up the pumpkin把南瓜搗成泥(one that's plump and ripe)(那個南瓜既大又熟)add a bit of sugar加一點兒糖sprinkle in some spice灑上一些調味料roll out the pie crust做出一張餡餅皮make it thin and light擀得薄又輕bake the pies in the oven把派放在爐子裡'til they're browned just right烤到黃褐色就剛剛好set them on the table把派放到桌上oh,they smell so nice哇!  聞起來好香啊now,come one,come all現在來吧!  都來吧!  and bring your appetited把你的胃口帶來

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