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關於外國人middle name

middle name是可有可無的嗎?

通常是first name+last name就夠了嗎?

如果有middle name,叫的時候會怎麼叫?

middle name+last name??

還是只叫middle name??

middle name是怎麼取的?父母自己取的?還是一定要有什麼規定、要有由來??還是隨便都可以,只要高興就好??

first name和middle name可以同時存在嗎?就是說,有人叫人是這樣叫的嗎??

跟朋友說名字時,通常是會選first 還是 middle啊?




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    middle name是可有可無的.

    通常是first name+last name就夠了.

    如果有middle name,叫的時候會怎麼叫?

    answer: 1st name+last name, generally.

    Or Mr/Mrs/Ms Last name

    OR: 1st name if both of you familiar.

    Or your friend will let you know which name she/he likes to be called as.

    Generally, middle name是父母取. They may come from grandparents' name.

    first name和middle name可以同時存在.

    跟朋友說名字時,Up to your friend,

    if they like to be called as 1st name, then use it.

    Your friend will let you know which name they perfer to be called as.

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    絕大多數的人都有middle name!

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