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    at:基本上是「在」的意思(location)。"I left it at school" 我留「在」學校了。

    in:「在......裡面」。像你不會說"At here","In here"才是正確的用法。某些情況下(下也可以說裡~IN circumstances),in也可以和at通用~像上一句的例子,你也可以說"I left it in school"我留「在」學校「裡面」了。

    on:「在......上面」或「在......情況下」。"It's on the board!" 在黑板「上」啊!"There is a book on my desk."我桌「上」有一本書。"You made an A on the final."你在期末考上拿到一個A。

    to:其實還滿難解釋的因為中文沒有這種詞~只好多幾舉個例子囉!大部分它都是用在動詞前後啦!~"Why are you doing this to me?" "To show you how much I dislike your attitude."「你為什麼要這樣子『對』我?」「(to)表示我多不喜歡你的態度。」"It's really hard to explain what I mean, but I'll try."我很難(to)解釋,但我會試試看的。"To me, it seems like she didn't even understand what people meant by saying 'Bless you'"「對」我來說(「在」我來看),她好像連為什麼人們說「Bless you」都不知道。"Compare to him, you are much more better on turning in your homeworks"跟他比,你在交功課這方面好太多了。"It says 'To Mandy' on the letter"信上寫著「『給』曼蒂」。"It's 8 to 12."八點「到」十二點。

    for:「為了」、「用來......」或「給」和「代表」的意思。"The letter is for you."這封信是「給」你的。"It's for the party"是派對要用的/是要「給」派對的。"For this one, you'll have to use another formula."這一個的話你需要用另外一個公式。"I want to do something for the ESOL kids."我想要「為」ESOL的學生做點什麼。等等...多看書你就會了。

    Exception: 有的時候會當成「因為」~"I like for you're so beautiful and talented."我喜歡你因為你美麗又有天賦。

    of:「屬於」或「的」~"He is one of the smartest students in the class."這節課裡他是其中一個聰明的小孩/這節課中,他是其中一個OF(的)最聰明的小孩。"Speaking of peer pressure, did I ever tell you about how that skinny girl in my class bothered me?"說到peer pressure(同年紀的人所造成的壓力),我有跟你說過我們班上一個很瘦的女生是怎麼煩擾我的嗎?

    from:「從...來」或「來自」~"I'm from Taiwan."我「從」台灣「來」。"This bottle of wine is from France."這瓶酒「來自」法國。

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    英文的時間前面介系詞要用in, at還是on ,這跟該時間的長短有關,但也不是一成不變的。常說的有:

    at the moment, 目前 ,眼前,現在 (指目前的狀況,與 at the minute同義,但與 in a moment不同)

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    at any moment 任何時刻

    at all times

    at the end of the day

    at present

    I will visit you at a more convenient time.

    at 5:30am

    at 9 o'clock

    at Christmas.

    at war

    at sunset

    We let the cat out at night.

    The banks are all closed at weekends.

    at the weekend

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    on June 10, 2005

    on Sunday, on Monday

    on weekdays

    on your birthday

    on the final day of her holiday.

    on Friday nights.

    on the evening of June 1st.

    on New Year's Eve

    on New Year's Day

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    in a moment (指一段極短的時間,例 : I will come back in a moment)

    in the morning, at noon, in the evening

    in the daytime, in the nighttime

    It must have rained in the night.

    in March

    in year 2001

    in New Year (指新年這一段期間)

    in this day and age

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    大部分的 to 後面都是接原形v

    除了某些特定的片語的 to 是介詞,所以接動名詞或名詞。

    be similar to~ (相似)

    object to~ (反對)

    be opposed to~ (反對)

    lead to~ (引導)

    come close to~ (幾乎)

    resort to~ (接納)

    take to~ (喜歡)

    in addition to~ (除了…還有)

    add to~ (增加)

    due to~ (由於)

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    here there 可是副詞也可以是名詞~

    但前面絕對沒有 ~ in at on 之類的介係詞......

    I am here


    I am in here ....

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