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翻譯軟體有些翻的很怪~好比大一大二給我翻big one big two的,真是!!麻煩自己翻給我好嗎~有多種不同的單字更好~謝謝喔!!~

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    學年 year 2005 / class of 2009

    學期 semester

    學季 quarter

    期中考 midterm

    期末考 final

    大考 test

    小考 quiz

    抽考 pop quiz

    我一星期有X堂課 i have x classes on Monday.

    學分 unit / credit

    滿堂 class is full

    年度演出或年度展演 theatre art day

    評鑑 evaluation

    主修 major

    副修 minor

    大一 1st year in college, freshman

    大二 2nd year in college, sophomore

    大三 3rd year in college, junior

    大四 4th year in college, senior

    大五 5th year in college, senior

    獎學金 scholarship

    全額獎學金 full scholarship

    半額獎學金 half scholarship

    約談 interview

    班代 class representative

    加選(課程) add a class

    退選(課程) drop a class

    延畢 not graduating on time

    重修 retake

    退學 drop out from college

    休學 drop out from college

    蹺課 cut the class / missed the class

    曠課 cut the class / missed the class

    遲到 late / tardy

    申誡 warning

    校長 (小學 國中 高中) principle

    校長 (大學) chancellor

    院長 dean of xxx college / dean of xxx school

    系主任 dean / chairman

    助教 teaching assistant (TA)

    工讀生 part time student/a person who is working thru his way through college

    警衛杯杯 security guard / security personal

    交流學生 international student

    雙喜臨門 The arrival of two exciting matters.

    這些在學校不適用 只有公司才會仔細分


    I am taking a few days off for personal matters.

    請假 vacation / pay time off (PTO)

    事假 personal vacation hour

    公假 (在美國出差 不算請假) he is on a business trip.

    病假 sick hour / sick day

    喪假 (在美國喪假 是私事) he is taking a day off for his uncle's funeral.

    小過 (在美國沒有小過) minor mistake

    大過 (在美國沒有大過) major mistake / strike

    例句: 三次大過我準被學校踢出門. Three strikes and I will be out of school.

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    "大五"叫做 supersenior

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    Academic year, term, a high school entrance examination, do in the test at the end of term, end-of-term examination , quiz, sample examination,I have a hall lesson X in one week, credit, Man Tang, annual performance or performing in year, comment the ancient bronze mirror, major in, pair is repaired, a big one, big two, big three, big four, big five, scholarship, full scholarship, partial scholarship to cover the tuition, nearly talk , Ban Dai, add and select , retreat and select , after prolonging, rebuilding, leave school, suspend schooling, lift up the lesson, ask for leave, leave of absence, common and false, sick leave, lose false , cut school , late , reprimand , small offence , serious offense , headmaster , president , dean , assistant , hardworking worker frugal student , guard cup cup , exchange student , is it lose to have double happiness

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