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能不能幫我翻成英文~~~急用 "




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    Whom horse endure famous works have lunch of one meadow of the the same picture, the man wears luxurious clothes, the woman is starknaked. What women reflected is natural attribute, it is a body; Male embodiment social attribute, civilization and intelligence. The male sense of superiority is controlled and wanted to leak.  The beauty in art, is the people or the thing on earth? This has reflected different social sex ideas. If what the beauty in the work of art gave out is not the dynamics of the life, it is not the inherent makings, and when being only the weak and coquettish appearance, the beauty can only support the pet which people viewed and admire, sought pleasure. The pet can receive the extremely good treatment, however, the pet is not the people, can't determine one's own destiny independently. These are not all artist's personal fault. Traditional sex idea, the need of the market, has participated in the artist's creation. The social demand is limited by politics, economy, tradition of one era. When the artists all have sensitivity of great vigilance and sex, the sexism could get the effective containment. Unfortunately, our artist, some or even popularity are very high artists, lack thinking of social sex and study, Shen still soak in outmoded sex extricating oneself among the idea.  

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