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1.Anywhere But Here

2.come clean  




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    KIMO的字數限制讓我只能貼一首...= =


    [00:02.16]Anywhere But Here


    [00:08.92]When I'm in a crowd

    [00:10.73]Or on an island by myself

    [00:13.67]Silent or too loud

    [00:15.25]Wishing I was somewhere else

    [00:18.21]And I can't believe

    [00:19.99]You hit me fast and hard

    [00:22.47]When you turn to me and say

    [00:24.48]Never change the way you are


    [00:27.26]Trying to catch your eye

    [00:29.09]Things will never look the same

    [00:31.90]Now I can't deny

    [00:33.63]You're the moth and I'm the flame

    [00:36.47]There I go again

    [00:38.21]I should walk before I run

    [00:40.51]How can I explain

    [00:42.85]I can't stop what you've begun


    [02:49.24][02:26.02][01:35.88][00:45.73]I'm falling through the door

    [02:52.19][02:29.15][01:38.92][00:48.54]Flying 'cross the floor

    [02:54.65][02:31.62][01:41.76][00:50.74]When you look at me suddenly it's clear


    [02:58.63][02:35.28][01:44.99][00:54.52]You're burning up my dreams

    [03:01.41][02:38.28][01:48.06][00:57.51]Crazy as it seems

    [03:03.63][02:40.73][01:50.39][00:59.85]I don't wanna be anywhere but here

    [03:15.06][02:47.50][01:57.00][01:05.99]Anywhere but here


    [01:12.02]What goes on inside

    [01:14.92]Is a mystery no doubt

    [01:17.86]A roller coaster ride

    [01:19.52]I may never work it out

    [01:22.29]Here's the brand new me

    [01:24.43]Skates around and floats on air

    [01:26.41]I'm a sight to see

    [01:28.66]Rainbow colors in my hair

    [01:31.35]You have set me free

    [01:33.57]The one who gets me there


    [02:00.00]Here is the place where

    [02:01.18]My head is spinning

    [02:03.00]Time is beginning

    [02:05.24]To race away

    [02:07.61]You come to throw me

    [02:09.94]Knock me off my feet

    [02:12.07]You give me wings to fly

    [02:14.43]The world goes crashing by again



    2005-11-14 14:10:29 補充:

    我已經寄給你了哦~^ ^看看有沒有收到

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    請問 我也要 Hilary Duff-Come Clean 的動態歌詞  請問可以寄給我ㄇ?? 謝謝

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