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幫我把心得 中翻英 ((((20點奉上

Listen To My Heart 這首歌呢?這是以前的英文老師教的,當我第一次聽到這首歌時.我就很喜歡,可能是因為它的旋律還有唱這首歌的歌手吧!這首歌呢.是Gareth Gates所唱的,一個曾經患有口吃的男孩從歌聲中找回自信,並藉由歌聲感動全球樂迷,創造了21世紀的歌聲奇蹟他曾經是一個因為嚴重口吃而幾乎唸不出自己姓名的男孩在他的成長過程中可以說是充滿了挫折,然而當他唱歌時,他所釋放出來的卻是一個如此純淨清亮、充滿情感,並且足以讓人感動落淚的聲音。




謝啦~~~2位都很棒 等等4小時後20點奉上 可是好難考慮喔

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    Where is this song of Listen To My Heart? This was taught by a former English teacher, when I hear this song for the first time. I like very much, may be because its melody has singers who sings this song! This song. It is that Gareth Gates sings, one was once suffered from to the stuttering boy and found self-confidently from song, and move the global music fan with song, he could be once said to be full of in the course of his growth by a boy not nearly reading out one's own name because stuttering seriously after creating song miracle in the 21st century The setback , but when he sings, what he releases out is that one is pure like this and limpid , is full of emotion , and the sound enough to move people and cry . The song that it is that I like him to sing very much that I am chosen this song, because I think that he sings very passionatelily, the people that hear will be moved. Perhaps for this pieces of song by it is can the getting better a bit to sing coming boy studenting,but think too I otherwise, the song that girl students sing the boy student is actually not bad too, can be regarded as another kind of break-through too! Have heard nearly 100 times too while planning! I think I should be very familiar with the melody of it to sing well, so will hear while having free time. Still quite tense while singing this song, but fairly smooth , any too great state did not appear. It can a bit more steady to hope, don't be too tense, release this song with that kind of heart that likes singing, but not for one psychology as having an examination. The English song of solo is the first time to appear on the stage, had not realized yet in the past, I thought that this let me learn much, increase a different experience, if there will be such an activity afterwards, what I will expect very much!

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    This song of the Listen To My Heart?This is the English teacher of the past to teach of, being me to hear this song for the first time.I like very much, may be the singer who still sings this song because of its melody!This song.Is what the Gareth Gates sing, a had ever got the stutter boy to find back the self-confidence from the singing, and by the touched global fan of the singing, created the singing for 21 centuries the miracle him to have ever been 1 to almost read the boy of the not out of and personal name because the severity stammer can say in his growth process that be filled with the frustrate, however when he sings a song, he releases of but is a thus the purity is clear and is filled with the emotion, and is good enough to let the person moves to shed tears of voice.

    Do I pick this song is because I like the song that he sings very much, because I feel his singing have to have the affection very much, the persons who hear all will be moved.Perhaps this song is sung the meeting by boy aer little bit and good, but I feel also otherwise, the girl sings the boy's song in fact also good, also be regarded as another a kind of breakthrough!Also hearded quick at the time of preparing 100 time!My feeling to want to acquaint with its melody very much can sing good, so a hours of free leisure will hear.While singing this song still pretty nervous, however still calculate smoothly and have no too big condition.Hope hereafter can be a little bit and more steady, not want too nervous, with that kind of the heart that likes to sing a song releases this song, not for ising a kind of to is like to examine the similar mindset.The going on stage to solo English song's pouring is a first time, all having not yet realized before, I felt this let me learn a few, increased a different experience, if hereafter still have such activity, I will expect very much of!


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