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能幫我把這段資料翻成英文嗎 "


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    This works put a naked woman together with the clothing man of two. At that time , when can only display god in the scene of the legend , just allowed the naked body of pictures. The picture has caused the rhythm of a kind of line expanded to the depths especially; But, does the horse endure? Prevent from not to be complete three-dimensional effect ,give up this of kinds of rhythm of, utilize film not to be the flat to scribble just he? Pieces of things that the color came in outstanding picture. The result is to depend on the purely blue , contrast between the grey or deep yellow tone sons and obtaining that the quite successful one fills in colors on a sketch . The technique of expression of the scenery is soft and summarizes, very noticeable. The color of the still life takes people very much too. Personages all draw very vividly . Draw very strongly with head of the man on the left. The health of the naked woman has not exerted the shade , mould but very well. But personage and scenery incongruous, scenery as if background , too as if environment of personage. There are several sites of color that draw very excellently in the picture, but come wholly says , this picture is unsuccessful. We have already said that the horse endures some peculiar description characteristics of art in the front, so, this is very easy to understand. " lunch on the meadow " This is lain between Renaissance so-called description reality and horse of period endure a kind of compromise when " creates the image " of the type in peculiar Middle Ages. These two kinds of observation methods set each other against here, but not mix; Therefore? Have grown the unstability of the composition.

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