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徵求walking in the air 的歌詞

電影 snow man 的插曲 walking in the air 的歌詞,



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    Walking in the air We're walking in the airWe're floating in the moonlit skyThe people far below are sleeping as we flyI'm holding very tightI'm riding in the midnight blue I'm finding I can fly So high above with you On across the world The villages go by like dreams The rivers and the hills The forests and the streams Children gaze open mouthedTaken by surpriseNobody down below believes their eyes We're surfing in the airWe're swimming in the frozen sky We're drifting over icy mountains floating bySuddenly swooping low On an ocean deepRousing up a mighty monster from his sleepWe're walking in the airWe're dancing in the midnight sky And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly在空中漫步我們在空中漫步我們在月光明亮的空中飄著當我們飛過時,地上遙遠的人們都睡了我緊緊的抱著在午夜藍天中漫遊我發現自己能飛和你一起高高的飛在天上飛過整個世界村莊像夢境般掠過還有河流、山坡森林和小溪孩子們張大了嘴注視著驚訝不已地上的人們都不敢相信自己的眼睛我們在空中衝浪在結冰的空中游泳游過那成群漂流的冰山突然間,我們俯衝而下到那汪洋大海驚醒了一隻碩大的怪物我們在空中漫步在午夜的天空中起舞看見的人們都在我們飛過時向我們問候

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