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小弟需要將以下這兩段翻成英文! 但是用線上翻譯會翻的亂七八糟的!






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    (1)Prophet that Ed cover ¡¤ Kathy mention to lie Bahamas Islands in fact than rice Buddhist nun, consist of two islands; Lie in place of 72 kilometers in the east in the coast of Miami in Florida State in the map. Kathy also mentions: ' a part of the continent than the rice Buddhist nun was once, can find with specially proposed the then relevant trace inferiorly bluly there. '

    (2)The scholars of the theory of the Mediterranean think : Specially carry it then inferiorly bluly in what Plato points, it is in fact in about 1400 years of era, because volcano great outburst, Buddhist nun's island in it is holy and many on and Aegean sunk to in the sea. There are five islands on this island; It is a volcanic island to draw safely on the first island, the central part is nearly levelled to the ground because of the volcano eruption, only have a type of half a month in the east part left now.

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