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中翻英國人應如何避免禽流感?1. 避免接觸禽鳥及其分泌物,若不慎接觸,應馬上以肥皂徹底清潔雙手。2. 避免生食禽類及其製品。3. 非必要或無防護下,請避免到生禽宰殺處所及養禽場、活禽市場。4. 一般民眾平時應養成良好個人衛生習慣、注意飲食均衡、適當運動及休息,維護身體健康。5. 有禽鳥接觸史、流行地區旅遊史之民眾,若出現發燒、喉嚨痛、咳嗽、結膜炎等症狀,請戴口罩儘速至掛有新型流行性感冒採檢醫療機構標章之醫療院所採檢、就醫,並主動告知接觸史、工作內容及旅遊史等。

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    國人應如何避免禽流感?How should compatriots avoid the poultry flu?1. 避免接觸禽鳥及其分泌物,若不慎接觸,應馬上以肥皂徹底清潔雙手。 1. Avoid contacting birds' bird and secretion, if keep in touch carelessly, should be thorough with the soap at once Clean both hands at the bottom. 2. 避免生食禽類及其製品。2. Avoid eating the poultry and products raw.3. 非必要或無防護下,請避免到生禽宰殺處所及養禽場、活禽市場。3. It is only if essential or unshielded to leave , please avoid getting the birds of giving birth to and slaughtering the place and raising the poultry farm , living in one's power Birds' market.4. 一般民眾平時應養成良好個人衛生習慣、注意飲食均衡、適當運動及休息,維護身體健康。4. General people should form the good personal hygienic habit , pay attention to having the balanced diet at ordinary times , Proper sports and having a rest, safeguard the health.5. 有禽鳥接觸史、流行地區旅遊史之民眾,若出現發燒、喉嚨痛、咳嗽、結膜炎等症狀,請戴口罩儘速至掛有新型流行性感冒採檢醫療機構標章之醫療院所採檢、就醫,並主動告知接觸史、工作內容及旅遊史等。 5. There are birds' birds that contact the history , the people of the regional travel history prevail, if the feverish , throat appear Symptoms , such as throat aching , coughing , conjunctivitis ,etc., please wear the gauze mask and flow new-typly to hang as quickly as possible The walking cold adopts and examines the medical institutes that the medical organization marks the chapter to adopt and examine , seek medical advice , and main fact Move and tell that is exposed to history , working content and travel history ,etc..

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