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請問英文中on foot的問題??

請問各位英文達人明明走路就是兩隻腳在走為什麼要用on foot而不是用on feet呢???總有典故吧????

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    你應該有學過表達"靠某種交通工具來行動"時,那個交通工具(不管是車、飛機、船或甚至是"腳")都要以單數形態表示的用法吧:I go to work by bus / motorcycle.They travel to Japan by boat / plane.同理,步行的腳也是單數囉(唯一的差異是介係詞不同):I go to school on foot.

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    on (one's) feet 有其它意思喔

    1.站著 Standing up: The crowd was on its feet for the last ten seconds.

    2. 痊癒 Fully recovered, as after an illness or convalescence: The patient is on her feet again.

    3. 穩定的狀態 In a sound or stable operating condition: put the business back on its feet after years of mismanagement.

    4. 即席即興 毫無準備的 In an impromptu situation; extemporaneously: “Politicians provide easy targets for grammatical nitpickers because they have to think on their feet” (Springfield MA Morning Union).

    而 foot 除了我們平時熟知的"腳"之外 他還有一個意思喔

    motion or power of walking or running


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