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Write about a movie you saw or a book you read. Did you like it ? Who was your favorite character? What was the story about? Did the author have a message for the readers of this book?




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    I recently watched the Korean movie "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring" written and directed by Kim Ki-Duk. The story is divided into five sections, each taking place during a different season. The movie follows two main figures - an old Buddhist monk, my favorite character, and a young monk, who live on a temple built in the middle of a lake, through various stages of their lives as they experience different emotions and temptations, ultimately completely the cycle of life. I really liked the movie, not only for its beautiful seasonal sceneries and colors captured on film, but also for its thought-provoking storyline. The message that the writer/director conveys is that people, no matter how noble or how religious, makes mistakes and do things that they regret in life. In the end, as we move through the cycle in life, we will have to pay for what we've done.

    我最近看了一部韓國片, 金積德自編自導自演的<春去春又來>。 (by the way, 真的很好看。) 電影以四季分成五個部份: 春天﹐夏天﹐秋天﹐冬天﹐再一個春天。故事圍繞著一個老和尚﹐我最愛的角色和一個小和尚﹐描述著他們人生裡在不同的階段所經驗到的七情六欲和因果輪迴。我很喜歡這套電影﹐不只是因為它美麗的季節景色和鮮艷顏色﹐更喜歡導演想要表達的訊息﹐那就是我們都會犯錯。生命中有因也有果﹐每個人都會得到自己應有的報應。

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