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    A: Hi Amy, how's it going?

    B: Cool, I've been enjoying this CD. Check it, you'll like it.

    A: What's this? Eve..eve.. what?

    B: Evanescence! It's a very popular rock band,

    A: What kind of rock?

    B: It's called "dark metal"

    A: Sounds funny. I don't like loud music anyway.

    B: Then what kind of music do you like?

    A: I like new age.

    B: Like Secret Garden?

    A: Exactly! they are so beautiful!

    B: That kind of music makes me sleepy.

    A: No, you have to close your eye, and feel it.

    B: No No No. That is not music. Music should be exciting.

    A: Rock'n'roll drives me crazy. I need the musci that soothes my mind.

    B: You are talking about deep Philosophy.

    A: You will know what I say after checking this out.

    B: New Age guide for follies? You think I'm a fool?

    A: See, that's what you rock guys. You don't have a sense of words, music, and everything.

    B: Let me here you theory.

    A: Loud music will stop you from the best music and dull your mind.

    B: I'm all ears.

    A: The best music is silence. And...

    B: I'm fed up. Enough is enough.

    A: You are stubborn.

    B: You are unreasonable.

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    A: “Hi John, how are you?”

    John: “Good, yourself?”

    A: “I am good too. You look tired John, did you sleep well?”

    John: “Not really. I was up a little later than usual last night. I went to a concert.”

    A: “Wow, a concert! Who did you go see?”

    John: “I went to see XXX, it was great! He has a great voice. The whole crowd was screaming with him!”

    A: “I bet that was exciting. I hear he is very talented. He writes his own songs too, right?”

    John: “He sure does. His most famous song is XXXXX. He also sang that song last night as well. When the music started, the whole crowd just went wild.”

    A: “Did he sing that other XXXX song too?”

    John: “Oh yes he did. In fact, he opened the concert with that song.”

    A: “Oh man! I love that song! That is my favorite song from all his CDs. I even went out and bought the Music Video for that song.”

    John: “Yeah, the best part was that he sang that song with only a guitar. You can hear all the girls shouting his name.”

    A: “That sounds like so much fun! I cannot believe you were in that concert. I tried to buy tickets as well, but the concert sold out before I could buy any.”

    John: “Yeah, that is unfortunate. I was lucky I suppose. I bought them the first day they went on sale.”

    A: “Well John, you better tell me next time when you go to a concert. I need some of that luck you have. I hate to miss another concert like that.”

    John: “Sure thing! I will call you next time sometime like this happens.”

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