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英文作文-A happy day

請各位英文達人,告訴我如何寫A happy day 這篇英文作文,拜託各位囉

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    My father wanted to take a trip to Miao-Li with us before a few days. It made me so excited. Because I have been living in Taipei and havn't had any chance to go to the country for a long time.

    Personally, I would rather live in the country. Doubtlessly, air in the country air is fresher than air in the smoky city. And another reason for this is that I'm not used to the hustle and bustle of city life. And I think people are sometimes cold. As a nurse, I know that the air we breathe purifies our blood and gives it more life. But the bad air we breathe may cause us (several) kinds of illnesses.

    As the car was moving on, I looked out from the window of the carriage, seeing the trees and grass were green again. Leaving the car at the villa , we walked slowly to the village. On the way, I found the farmers were working busily in the fields. I looked forward to picking some strawberries with my younger sister. We enjoyed picking the biggest and best strawberries we could find. HA!!

    The fresh air, the green plants and the murmuring of streams, had widened my mind.

    As you can see, enjoying the beauty of nature was closely related to health.

    That’s why I think, though it is better for me to live in the city, getting away from it for a while is a good idea.

    When we came back home, the lights had glimmered from every window.

    I felt so happy but also tired. Upon getting home, I had a sleep right away.

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