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每聽半或一個鐘頭,我總讓自己的耳朵休息十五分鐘,閱讀中英文書報雜誌,或打電話聊天、看電視,放鬆自己。慢慢的培養了一點點英文實力,所以在大學修英文文選及實用英文,對我來講並不難,也沒有花很多時間.不過在考試前,我一定會把課文看過一遍,平時也一定會看電視教學, 就這樣一次就修過了,與其說是我幸運,不如感謝我高中的英文老師, 他培養了我閱讀英文得實力, 高中時在升學壓力下每個老師都只會教課文,而我的老師則一直叫我們閱讀英文故事小說就這樣增進了我的英文實力.我想就大學不只是為了文憑 更重要的是充實自己 所以不應只是應付考試而是要自我充實 真正學得所需 常常告訴自己考試沒過無所謂 只要我真正學得所需實用就好 盡力就好。英文只要學到某種程度,以後就是從不斷使用及接觸中反覆練習,程度日漸加深。最重要的是,一定要學到某種程度,你才可能隨心所欲地使用它。自己能主動學習、主動吸收課外知識,永遠勝過被動學習。

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    More than each tins or one hour, I let one's own ears have a rest 15 minutes always, read the Chinese and English books , newspapers and magazines, or phone to chat , watch TV, relax oneself. A little English strength of cultivation slowly, so build the English selected works and practical English in the university, it is not difficult for me, it has not taken much time either. But before examination, I sure to think text one, at ordinary times even sure to think television teaching, having repaired once like this, it is instead of me who is lucky, might as well thank my English teacher of high school , he train me read English strength, each teacher can teach text only under entering a higher school pressure when the high school, English strength that my teacher has been letting us read the English story novel and promote me in this way all the time . I it wants to be not only for diploma the more important thing is substantiate oneself should is it have an examination but want oneself not to is it afford to study really to substantiate to deal with just on university Is it matter to try so long as I study practical to do the best all right while being all right need really. English is only studied to a certain extent, will never practise brokenly repeatedly while using and keeping in touch afterwards, the degree will be strengthened day by day. The most important thing is, must study to a certain extent , you may just use it freely . Can study voluntarily , absorb the knowledge after class voluntarily , surpass and study passively forever by oneself.

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