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徵求I'll Try的歌詞

I'll Try是disney小飛俠2--夢不落帝國的一首歌,


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    Artist: Jonatha Brooke Lyrics

    Song: I'll Try Lyrics

    I am not a child now.

    I can take care of myself.

    I mustn't let them down now-

    Mustn't let them see me cry.

    I'm fine.

    I'm fine.

    I'm to tired to listen.

    I'm too old to believe:

    All these childish stories.

    There is no such thing as faith,

    And trust,

    And pixie dust.

    I try,

    But its to hard to believe.

    I try,

    But I can't see what you see.

    I try.

    I try.

    I try.

    My whole world is changing,

    I don't know where to turn.

    I can't leave you baby,

    But I cant stay and watch the sitting burn;

    Watch it burn.

    'Cause I try,

    But its so hard to believe!

    I try,

    But I can't see where you see.

    I try.

    I try.

    I try and try,

    To understand,

    The distance in between:

    The love I feel,

    The things i fear,

    I dearly say good dream.

    I can finally see it.

    Now I have to believe:

    All those precious stories.

    All the world is made of faith,

    And trust,

    And pixie dust.

    So I'll try,

    'Cause I finally believe!

    I'll try,

    'Cause I see where you see!

    I'll try.

    I'll try!

    I'll try!

    I'll try-

    To fly.

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