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    Very many people thought the movement is needs to go to the athleticfield or the gymnasium is a movement, actually is not right. Themovement has a physiological load of exercise, so long as achieves thephysiological load of exercise, was the movement. Each person'sphysiological load of exercise is different, the movement is compareswith oneself, do not have with the others ratio. What is thephysiological load of exercise? Simple said the physiological load ofexercise is "the perspiration" and "breathes heavily", therefore makesany movement to achieve the perspiration, breathes heavily situation; Even if only is 3-5 minute also is may. The movement in losingweight is a very important role, but also because very many people areunable the movement, only then can gradually change fat. I analyzethese people to be unable the movement reason, eventually actually allis gives a pretext; For example the weather is not good, does not havethe time, not to have the physical strength; 30-40 year-old personused a pretext the oneself age to be big has not  been able themovement and so on the pretext which knoid whether to laugh or cry,finally I all could reply them speech - you so long as walked may loseweight, told them with the very explicit expression; Meanwhile isunable the movement reason them 11 to remove. 知識+家族 歡迎加入討論!!! ╠。☆ ★。知。識。╬㊣╭☆。 ★。 ╣ 

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    For example walked every

    day 3-5 minute , encouraged them with the simple method,

    strengthened their physical strength and the interest, mostly all

    could accept, simultaneously the movement was allowed to increase in

    the brain endophin, was allowed to improve melancholily,

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    lets the mood

    happily, the advantage were much many. The movement actually is

    different from person to person and needs to designate certainly needs

    to make any movement, but regarding loses weight the patient to say,

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    under did not suggest climbs up the staircase or the non- oxygen

    movement like bends down boldly thrusts forward, the sit-ups and so


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    But the body weight has not surpassed because of this kind of

    movement to a very long movement ideal body weight 20% above the

    person to say has the injury.

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