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Right side is my room friend,the affection looked the cartoon with accesses the net,me too.


In friend,He with mine interest similar,Clamps the baby is ㄧ,I like the baby which clamps has the unique modelling


That day goes to the night market,Happen to has [ Mickey Mouse ] to appear,The rare picture must remain makes the commemoration


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    右邊是我的室友,喜愛看漫畫跟上網,我也一樣.On my right side is my roommate, he loves to read comic books and surf the internet. Same as I.在朋友中,他跟我的興趣類似,夾娃娃就是其中之ㄧ,我喜歡夾有獨特造型的娃娃.Among my friends, he and i share the same interest. One of the coomon thing between us is that we both like to play with the stuffy animal grabing machine. I like to grabe the ones with unique style. 那天去夜市,正好有[米老鼠]出現,難得的畫面要留作紀念.We went to the night market the other day and found one machine has [ Mickey Mouse ] as prizes. We definetly wanted to mark this special experience on our mind.

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    To my right is my roommate. He likes comic books(monga) and chatting on the internet, just like me.


    Amongst my friends, He and I have similar interests. Clamping dolls is one of them. I like to clamp dolls that are unique.

    (夾娃娃不是Clamps the baby Clamps the baby是在生小孩的時候夾的活的娃娃 這裡你夾的只是玩偶 不是真的娃娃 你如果這樣寫 會嚇死人的)


    This was a very special picture that was taken when Micky Mouse showed up in the night market.

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