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2.between Saylla and Charybdis

3.The wooden Horse

4.Sisyhus and the Rock of Hades

5.The labor of Haracles

6.The Nemean Lion

7.Medea's madness(syndrome)

8.Atalanta's foot race

9.Oreste's moral dilemma

10.Orpheus in the underworld




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    2 decades ago
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    Develop the ability to unleash your creative potential

    Alexander and the Gordian Knot

    Guard against jumping to conclusions

    Ares' Golden Belt

    Confront the destructive effects of stereotyping

    Artemisia and The Sea Battle

    Maintain perspective in pursuit of your life's goals

    Atalanta's Footrace

    Cope with life's uncertainties

    Between Scylla and Charybdis

    Discover more options in your life than you imagined

    Demeter's Dilemma

    Become more open minded to others' viewpoints

    King Croesus and the Delphic Oracle

    Avoid self-defeating behaviors

    Orpheus in the Underworld

    Gain greater insight into your moral values

    Orestes' Moral Dilemma

    Prevent emotions from leading to irrational behavior

    Medea's Madness

    Learn how to cope with recurrent adversities in your life

    Sisyphus and the Rock of Hades

    Think outside conventional boundaries

    The Hydra of Lerna

    Build self esteem by undertaking significant challenges

    The Labors of Heracles

    Become a more resourceful problem solver

    The Nemean Lion

    Heighten your awareness of the ethical dimensions of your decisions

    Artemis' Sacred Deer

    Discover why things are not always what they seem to be

    The Wooden Horse


    Source(s): 老師說的livethemyth
  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    1.Alexander亞歷山大大帝 亞歷山大大帝 (西元前356年至323年) 打造王國的速度、技巧和策略簡直是一則傳奇。亞歷山大是古代最偉大的軍事指揮官,對擴展版圖有無窮的精力。他最偉大的成就就是征服希臘的宿敵-波斯。亞歷山大的帝國版圖不只侷限於希臘世界,還延伸至埃及(在那裡,他發現亞歷山卓這個偉大的城市),最遠甚至到現今巴基斯坦的一個地區。 2.between Saylla and Charybdis(應該是Scylla非Saylla)between Scylla and Charybdis 是奧德賽打完特洛伊戰爭之後,在海上流浪十年中所經歷到的危險之一,Scylla是個女海妖,Charybdis是個大漩渦,奧德賽必需要選擇其中一個,因為經過Scylla他會損失六名船員,經過Charybdis則會危及所有船員的性命,Sylla and Charybdis這個片語有進退兩難的意思!3.The wooden Horsethe wooden horse就是木馬屠城記的木馬6.The Nemean Lion這是和巨蟹座神話一樣發生在希臘最偉大的英雄赫拉克勒斯(Heracles)身上的另一段幾乎不可能完成的十二項任務之一。赫拉克勒斯的第一項任務便是殺死涅墨亞獅子(Nemean Lion)。涅墨亞獅子有著混身厚皮、刀槍不入,赫拉克勒斯與牠纏鬥許久,最後赫拉克勒斯運起神力將牠掐死。赫拉克勒斯將巨獅的利爪斬下、用巨獅的爪剝下獅皮做成戰袍、將獅頭製成頭盔,扛在肩上光榮的完成任務。為表揚赫拉克勒斯功績,宙斯(Zeus)將涅墨亞獅子升上天,成為獅子座。

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