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    The news of the gunplay between policemen and bandits has not included the news yet in fact, who, when, where, why, how about 's heavy principle listener catch only, this news solves the majority. All draw bottom line part and read the forte, so should be easy to find out; The structure of the sentence pattern is not very complicated, so the empty word one needn't take a lot of trouble for strength to fill in very much. If meet a tin of words heard and can't still find out again, can consult the relevant reports of the domestic English newspaper on the same day or the next day, see whether there is this word, or is subject to sound heard, find out the suitable word of sentences of purpose in the dictionary of Great Britain of Great Britain, shootout in last news, in shoot, out can not nearly find out in accent. So, check down after finding shoot word, it can be very easy to find suitable word shootout of this one. Have really met and heard the word that can't still find out, the personages of person or Great Britain and America who have to turn to English with good hearing for help five, six times.

    After being familiar with simpler home news, can test than the home news in great numbers and long, this kind of news is not merely long, and there are on-the-spot reports, because of noise, as from the clarity sown out of the broadcasting studio, it sounds more challenging. Have crossed this to close, listen to world news and other kinds of news. Someone perhaps will ask do it in this way how long does it spend, spirit? My answer is: A lot of time, spirit that take at the beginning, are familiar with the characteristic of speaking English and news of radio of whole mouth after but it is long to practise. ,Healing can drive a light carriage on a familiar road, the time spirit of the cost, on reducing relatively too.

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