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back burner是什麼?

Since our budget are currently tight, why don't we put this project on the back burner?這句話是什麼意思?

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    我們常說做事要看輕重緩急,有的時候不得不把正在做的事或計畫要做的事先暫時擱置。美國人把這叫做:to put on the back burner。Back就是後面,而burner在這裡是指做飯的爐子。美國的廚房裡,爐台上一般都有四個爐口,前面兩個,後面兩個。人人往往把很快能煮好的東西放在前面的爐子上煮,把一些要慢慢煮的東西放在厚面的爐子上。這就是to put on the back burner這句俗語的由來。

    例句: Honey, the boss told me today he can't give me that pay raise I was expecting. I'm afraid that means we'll have to put our plans to buy a bigger house on the back burner until next year. (丈夫說:親愛的,老闆今天告訴我他不能滿足我的願望給我加薪。所以我們買棟大房子的計畫恐怕不得不延到明年了。)

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    to put something on the back burner

    您提供的句子意思是: 既然目前我們的預算抓的很緊,那此計劃案不如先緩一緩?

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    back burner的意思就是delay doing somehthing,通常在字典上看到的多是動詞的用法 (to delay doing something, because it does not need your attention immediately or because it is not as important as other things that you need to do immediately )  :The project has been backburnered due to technical problems.  (longman dictionary)不過我想既然你有這個例句的話,名詞應該也okay了!既然現在預算吃緊,我們何不將此計劃延後(再議)呢?

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    afra's explanation is better and in greater detail.

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