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A: Hello. May I speak to the manager?B: May I have your name, please?A: Jackie Chang, from the General Affairs section.B: Hold on a second, please. ________A) I'll take your message.B) I'll tell him you're telling him.C)I'll transfer you to him soon.D) I'll put you through.請不用全部翻譯~正確的是C or D?只要解釋 C和 D的差別是什麼參考: 電話用與另一本書有人說 "I will transfer you."

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    答案是D "I'll put you through",直接就把電話轉過去。

    至於C的部份呢,不行的! 這句話翻成白話會變成 "我將很快把"你"轉給他,是轉人,而不是轉電話。 很抱歉,我沒聽過I'll transfer youㄟ,但是你可以說I'll transfer your phone call to him.

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    答案是 D

    C 要改一下 , I'll transfer your call.

    是轉電話 不是轉人

    但講快了 就也有用 Let me transfer you to Mr. ABC 的.

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    感覺 C 文法比較正式



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