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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago



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    2 decades ago
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    Studied the present school of the group to join and visit in S.Korean headmaster's qualification on June 10 , the 94th year of the Republic of China, this school specially engages Korea S. to translate to the Taiwanese foreign student's doctor a graduate student whole Korean, make the cultural exchanges of two countries satisfactory and smooth! ! Prior to children towards will introduce Korea S. greeting , show Korea S. course characteristic that primary school learn on school Sichuan hall show area before this, make teachers and students understand that S.Koreans pay attention to the etiquette and Chinesization , let children have abundant different state systems to test! !

  • 2 decades ago

    The Republic of China 94 years on June 10 South Korean country young principal the qualifications thorough study group visits the school senate to visit, this school especially hires South Korea to translate to Taiwan foreign student's Dr. class graduate student entire journey Han Wen, causes both countries the cultural exchange complete and is smooth! ! Before this is before the child dynasty to be able to introduce the South Korean greetings, and to the school Sichuan hall demonstrated the area demonstrated the South Korean elementary school the curriculum characteristic, makes the teachers and students to understand the South Korean takes the etiquette and the Chinese culture, lets the child have the full foreign land experience! !

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