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by the way..這是我第一次使用知識,我怕麻煩,也不愛打字,但我真的很想得到解答....thank u....

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    gd job ppl,setting up good examples.Yea,a way to learn english is 2 use it as often as possible,knowing that most ppl do not live in an complete english environment and english is not ur native language,u should speak up,using's normal if u have a rocky start,it'll get better.

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    btw,i think some ppl here should really check ur grammar b4 u point at others,i'm sorry to say tt.

    ps,thx to chiate^^

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  • Anonymous
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    在下的英文很爛﹐上來知識+後發現我的中文更差﹐非常同意chiate 和meowwwwwww﹐通過在知識+的交流有很大的收穫﹐學無止境﹐共勉共勉﹗


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    我的意思是要多練習﹐現在的科技這麼發達﹐影音通訊都很方便﹐主動出擊製造機會很重要﹐而且不要怕錯﹐說得多久了會流利﹐即使英文母語的也有很多種次文化﹐即使同一個情境的表達敘述也會因人而異﹐就像中文的用法也是多變化而且豐富。大概這就是英文區好玩引人入勝的地方﹐聚集各家的意見使人眼花繚亂。至於不知道誰是誰非﹖只要是有機會交流﹐要練習自己的判斷力﹐通過討論大概你可以有比較清楚的印象。須知住國外的不見得都是高手﹐像我就很有自知之明已經通了六竅﹐其實天生比較笨有錯嗎 大大須知沒出過國是很幸福的﹐以前所謂的秀才不出門﹐能知天下事﹐現在更容易了﹗

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    If the thread starter is not that well versed in English, wouldn't messages in Chinese be of more help to them?

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  • Linda
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    I am confident to say that what I post here is what I use for English improvement.

    I study English all by myself. There is no shortcut for studying any language. I try to use it as often as possible ( I use it everyday, because I am living overseas. ) and try to input the right materials, digest it and try to apply it whenever I have the chance.

    I do not think that living overseas will really help you English ability a lot. Some people go out with Asians all the time, and some people just do not put that much effort into it. Please believe that you can study English well in Taiwan as well, and do not be afraid to make mistakes. You do not look like a native speaker anyway.

    There are 2 directions: one is to improve the academic performance, which is the way you have to do in Taiwan ( I like to call it the basic work ), and another one is to improve the conversation. You just need to keep doing these 2 and sometimes you will feel the progress by yourself.

    By the way, I am not a student here and I am not young. See, I am still learning.

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  • bc
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    In addition to helping others, I actually do it to help improve my Chinese, for I rarely speak, read or write it for twenty some years.  The key to learning a language is nothing more than to live with it as much as you can.  If you make a point to learn something everyday, you will make great improvement.  Even just to go through some of the questions and answers here will help you a lot.  Be careful though, not all the answers are correct.  Actually, after a while, you will know whose answers to trust.  Good luck!Sorry for using English.  I can't type Chinese, yet.

    2005-11-08 05:38:30 補充:

    for example, you could read answers from ~小社~. they look pretty good!

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