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Job Objective

To contribute to WEI MING company as a marketing



9/03 ~ 6/07 International Trade, Tung-Hai University Taiwan

Major: International Trade

Minor: Marketing, Management

GPA: 73.76

Work Experience

12/04 ~ 9/05 DA DAO Language Institute TaichungCity

English Teacher Assistant (part -time)

 Corrected homework

 Helped with discipline

 Conducted telephone testing

 Talked with parents and answer their questions

 Helped to guide students

 Helped to manufacture the English tests

7/04 ~ 8/04 CARREFOUR Store Nan-Tou City

Salesman (part -time)

 Illustrated and promoted the electric shaver of Beelink

for Dad's Festival

Professional Skills

 Language skills: Mandarin Chinese, fluent in English ,


 Computers skills: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word,

Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, Flash MX

 Type: English:35 wpm ,Chinese: 40wpm

Honors and Awards

9/05~ 1/06 Being a leader of class of International Trade in Tung-Hai

University Taiwan


請問假如加了improves students 那Helped to guide students是否需要剔除

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                         Job Objective                     To utilize my international trade knowledge and professional skills and                      to contribute to WEI MING Company as a member of your marketing team                     Education9/03 to 6/07   B.S. in International Trade, Tung-Hai University, Taiwan                      Major: International Trade                      Minor: Marketing, Management                      GPA: 74/100                     Work Experience12/04 to 9/05 DA DAO Language Institute, Taichung, Taiwan                      English Teacher Assistant                      • Corrected and graded homework                     • Assisted in disciplinary processes                     • Conducted telephone testings                     • Maintained communication channels between parents and the professor                     • Provided student guidance                     • Assisted in creating English tests 7/04 to 8/04   CARREFOUR Store Nan-Tou City                     Salesperson                     • Illustrated and promoted Beelink Electric Shaver for Dad's Festival                     • Helped increase sales by xxxxx                     Professional Skills                     • Language: Proficient in Mandarin Chinese, fluent in English and Taiwanese                     • Computers: Proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel, Photoshop,                         Flash MX                     • Typing: 35 wpm in English; 40wpm in Chinese                     Honors & Awards 9/05 to 1/06   Class Leader of International Trade at Tung-Hai University, Taiwan

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    請問假如加了improves students 那Helped to guide students是否需要剔除

    2005-11-08 03:12:31 補充:

    假如我改成這樣GPA: 73.76 in Taiwan’s scale也不是很理想嗎?

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    My suggestion is as followed:

    GPA: Different countries have different scale for GPA. In your case, it's probably between 0 and 100. In the U.S., GPA is between 0 to 4. I recommend that you specify the scale to avoid confusion.

    Work experience: Instead of telling your potential employers what you did, tell them what difference did you make to your for former employers. For example, when I saw "Helped to discipline", my immediate impression was you helped beat the crap out of the students. This will not appear to be a "good" thing as you try to get a job as a market personnel. Nevertheless, if you change it to "Improve students' integrity by helping them distinguish positive and negative behaviors". Now, this tells me that not only you are making a difference to our society, but you have the "communication skill" to do it. Communication skill is important as a marketing personnel. I hope this helps.

    Honors and Awards: Give the name fo the award.

    2005-11-10 02:13:49 補充:

    if you provied some counseling to the students, you might want to add that (it'll take the place of "guiding").

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