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    When 和 While 當連接詞,各自都有不少用法,例子如下列所示。但是,當兩者連接詞使用在「當…時」、「儘管、雖然」,是相通的。When (當conj.)l就在那個時候;在...的時候;在…期間,當…時:During the time at which; while: (和While 相通)1.          When I was young, I was sick all the time. 在我小時候我總是生病2.          Edison was not a good student when he was a young boy. 愛迪生小時候不是一個成績好的學生。3.          When the plane arrived, some of the detectives were waiting inside the main building while others were waiting on the airfield. 當飛機抵達時,一部分偵探等在主樓裏面,而另一部分則等在停機坪上。4.          When I came home my wife was cooking dinner. 我回家時,妻子在做晚飯。lWhereas; although: 雖然,儘管:(和While 相通)She stopped short when she ought to have continued.儘管她應該繼續下去,她卻突然停住了l如果;要是;既然I can't tell you when you won't listen.既然你不想聽,我就不告訴你了。l其實He stopped trying, when he might have succeeded next time.他不再試了,其實他可能下一次就成功。lAt the time that: 在…的時候:in the spring, when the snow melts.在春天,當雪融化的時候lAs soon as: 一…就…:I'll call you when I get there.我一到那裏就給你打電話lWhenever: 無論什麼時候:When the wind blows, all the doors rattle.只要風一吹,這門就吱嘎作響lConsidering that; if: 考慮到,如果:How can he get good grades when he won't study?他不用功的話怎麼拿高分呢?While (當conj.)l當...的時候, 雖然 (和When相通)1.          While in Vienna he studied music. 他在維也納時學習音樂。2.          While he was eating, I asked him to lend me $2. 當他正在吃飯時,我請他借給我二英鎊。3.          While two detectives were keeping guard at the door, two others opened the parcel. 這時兩個偵探把著門,另外兩個打開包裹。4.          While I read, she sang. 我看書時,她在唱歌。5.          I met her while I was at school. 當我在學校的時候我遇見了她。l雖然;但是 (和When相通)1.          While I understand what you say, I can't agree with you. 雖然我理解你的意思,但我還是不同意。2.          You like tennis, while I'd rather read. 你愛打網球,但我愛看書。3.          While the grandparents love the children, they are strict with them. 雖然祖父母們都愛他們的孩子,但卻對他們要求嚴格。lWhereas; and: 然而;而,而且:The soles are leather, while the uppers are canvas.鞋跟是皮的,而鞋面是帆布的。

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    這是之前我在奇摩知識回答的內容, 我作了一些補充,



    **when+過去簡單式 1, 過去簡單式 2

    1 表先發生的動作, 2 表後發生的動作

    Ex: When the phone rang, I went to answer it.

    (電話先響, 我再去接)

    **when+簡單式(突然性動作), 進行式(持續性動作)

    簡單式表插入的動作, 進行式表被該動作插入前正在進行中的動作

    Ex: When the phone rang, (突然性動作), I was taking a shower(持續性動作).

    **while+進行式(持續性動作), 簡單式(突然性動作)

    Ex: While I was taking a shower, the phone rang.

    **while+進行式 1, 進行式 2

    表示兩個動作無先後問題, 同時在發生

    Ex: While I was studying at home, some people were fooling around outside.

    Source(s): 補習班文法課
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