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知道怎麼寫的 請告訴我囉


= =有英文最好....

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    1. In fact, Greek Mythology is an epic to describe the world that we see, not only the opposite between gods and human beings. In Greek Mythology, people sometimes were friends to gods but sometiomes were contrary to gods, all resulted in the mood of gods(actually the variations of nature).

    2. Humanism is a obvious feature in the Greek Mythology. For example, the gods or goddesses in tales always express the behaviors like a human, even a fallen one. So, we usually think that the figures in Greek Mythology infers the original desires of human beings. Aphrodite is an example for a multi-personality one. She is a goddess of beauty but also the goddess of lust. Although there are no precise words to say that she is a greedy women, yet we can understand she chases down any thing a mortal women wants to get.

    We will make a conclusion about the above sections. A god or a goddess in Greek Mythology usually symbolizes private charactristics of humans. No matter it is good or is evil. Sometimes a human hero(or heroine) had more sacred features than a immortal.

    We will consider that ancient Greeks had full proud of their civilization. Because of their gods could do everything a human do. Sometimes a human was more like a god.

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