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internship 在這裡是什麼意思阿

internship 我查字典是:實習醫師的地位He had a terrifiic internship in a travel agency over the summer怎麼會用在旅行社呢 ?~還是這個字 有其他的意思呢 ?~

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    Internship 短期的實習;通常與學生主修之科目有關A period of apprenticeship when students work off-campus, under supervision, in a school, factory, hospital, business, laboratory, or government agency or program. It also allows students to learn practical applications of classroom material.所以依其主修, 學生可能在學校 (如 特教系)工廠(如汽修)醫院(醫學系)實習而這個人可能是觀光科系

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    By the way, it should be "terrific" instead of "terrifiic".

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