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小鬼特務 ... .第2及的女主角

請問依下 ... 為啥ㄇ第2 集ㄉ女主角換人ㄌ


請問依下 法蘭克莫尼茲現在ㄐ歲ㄌ

可以幫我找依下 法蘭克莫尼茲ㄉ資料ㄇ 有關ㄊㄉ生ㄖㄚ ....之類ㄉ



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    Frankie (Francisco Muniz IV) was born on the 5th December 1985, in Woodridge NJ. At a young age Frankie showed a talent for acting and soon had parts in several theatre productions including A Christmas Carol, The Sound Of Music, The Wizard Of Oz and Our Town. He continued to act throughout his childhood years appearing on TV shows and movies. But it was not until age 13 when Frankie got the title role in Malcolm in the Middle that he shot to stardom. The first episode of Malcolm in the Middle aired in the US on the 9th January 2000, and was watched by 23 million people, followed by a massive 26 million viewers the next week. In 2001, Frankie was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category of best actor in a TV series- musical or comedy, against men two to three times his age! And he has never taken an acting lesson in his life!


    Hilary Duff

    ~ Height: 162CM (5"4')

    ~ Hil was born in Houston Texas

    ~ Hil's birthday is on 9/28/1987

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    可是~~這次女主角比較好看 各位 不要把票房爛丟她那邊 她很可憐ㄟ

  • 有必要這麼極端嘛?好歹人家也是挑選出來的~每集的人物都相同會比較好看嘛?我個人不怎麼覺得~何況票房這東西~是看大家想不想看~不會有人真的因為女主角換人就不看了吧?這部戲主要是在說"法蘭克莫尼茲"裡面的腳色"班克"他的事情~沒必要把事情想的那麼嚴重ok?

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