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急 幫我翻這段 贈10點




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    Taiwan lies in the subtropical area and surrounded by sea on four sides、have brought up a lot of peculiar ecological view of Taiwan with subtropical influence too in the tide、the wetland is the peculiar view among them and pregnant with quite diversified animals and plants、life type of them attitude is it is it change to make to come by change with tide、tide change purpose call existence of time too、the way、reflection of time Taiwan that surround by sea on four sides peculiar、don't on perfect record way of scale、often all interweave and go on in the city people time and activity、time will follow the disappearance of activity every little bit、that standard line which defines time begins to interweaves and begins to change too、it is no longer that the sharp sword dividing time divides out time perfectly、but one graceful to cover with curve of suppuration any thing limitation arranged for、can too because with keeping changing the range of the border in level of the water level while rising and ebbing tide、reflect on the time curve changing at any time in the city through such delicate observation、let it become a kind of time symbol that can be read

    Growth、Guan of grass in way from outside the getting more more luxuriant inside,and whether at rising tide can from most periphery sparse Guan grass not short produce there aren't function the speeds beginning、the boundary line was right away become the excessive form that pinches at this moment、then the water level has risen and begun to overflow the Guan grass of the key outer lane gradually、outer lane flow direction、Guan of grass is it control to give tide already、


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    That lines not giving in each other become the record device changed in time too, when only there is one pinch left to scoop up Guan grass on the surface of water, the boundary line is turned into a surface of divisible Guan grass,

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    the state is that the boundaries of time and activity are clicked at this moment, this point changes in the course in the tide, need perfect and method of form is it note down to come, order through boundary change in front and at the back of explain the existence of time, observe change,

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    Guan of grass let me get topic of one space ' boundary line getting fuzzy ' definition of space to is it divide to come by boundary line, the boundary line begins to have uncertainty because of the involvement of the time factor too,

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    the boundary line changes different space type attitudes with time, the activity content will follow the change of the boundary line and change to some extent too.

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