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給我SunsetBoulevard的歌詞 是日落大道中Michael Ball唱的




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    Sunset Boulevard 歌詞如下:Sure, I came out hereTo make my nameWanted my pool, my dose of fameWanted my parking space at warners’.But, after a yearA one-room hellA murphy bedA rancid smellWallpaper peeling at the cornersSunset boulevardTwisting boulevardSecretive and rich, a little scary.Sunset boulevardTempting boulevardWaiting there to swallow the unwary.Dreams are not enoughTo win a warOut here they’re always keeping scoreBeneath the tan, the battle rages.Smile a rented smileFill someone’s glassKiss someone’s wifeKiss someone’s assWe do whatever pays the wages.Sunset boulevardHeadline boulevardGetting here is only the beginning.Sunset boulevardJackpot boulevardOnce you’ve won you have to go on winning.You think I’ve sold out? Dead right I’ve sold out.I just keep waitingFor the right offer:Comfortable quarters,Regular rations,24-hour five-star room service.And if I’m honestI like the ladyI can’t help beingTouched by her folly.I’m treading water,Taking her money,Watching her sunset...Well, I’m a writer.L.a.’s changed a lotOver the yearsSince those brave gold rush pioneersCame in their creaky covered wagons.Far as they could goEnd of the line,Their dreams were yoursTheir dreams were mineBut in those dreamsWere hidden dragons.Sunset boulevardFrenzied boulevardSwamped with every kind of false emotion.Sunset boulevardBrutal boulevardJust like you, we’ll wind up in the ocean.She was sinking fastI threw a ropeNow I have suitesAnd she has hopeIt seemed an elegant solution.One day this must end,It isn’t realStill I’ll enjoyA hearty mealBefore tomorrow’s execution.Sunset boulevardRuthless boulevardDestination for the stony-hearted.Sunset boulevardLethal boulevardEveryone’s forgotten how they startedHere on sunset boulevard!

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