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It is a flat bone that is positioned over the laterally compressed, craniodorsal part of the thorax. It is held in place by a collection of muscles, with no bone attachment to the main trunk.

The rabbit scapula is more triangular in shape than that of the cat or dog and with a spine on the lateral surface that is situated closer to the cranial edge. The spine extends from the dorsal border to the articular angle of the scapula and its function is muscle attachment. At the articular end, the spine develops into a long additional process, called the suprahamatus. This process is accompanied by a deeply recessed acromion, which is not so clearly evident in the dog or cat.





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    這是被安置在胸部的側向地被壓縮的一個扁骨, craniodorsal 部份。它由肌肉的一件收藏品舉行到位, 沒有主要樹幹的骨頭附件。

    兔子肩胛骨比那是三角在形狀貓或狗和與一塊脊椎在位於離頭蓋骨邊緣較近的側向表面。脊椎延長從背部疆界對肩胛骨的關節角度並且它的作用是肌肉附件。在關節末端, 脊椎顯現出成一個長的另外的過程, 稱suprahamatus 。這個過程由深深地被隱藏的肩峰伴隨, 不是那麼清楚顯然的在狗或貓。

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