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He became a member of the chemistry department there in 1911,serves in World War I as a major in the Chemical Warfare Service,and returned to Harvard to become ptofessor of chemistry.In 1933 he succeeded Dr. Lowell as president of Harvard and continued in office until 1953,when he was appointed U.S. high commissioner for Germany.His administration at Harvard has reaffirmed his firm opposition to too narrow specialization.Notably among the experiments he inaugurated in the first six years of his administration are the extracurricular study of American history and the national schalarships,which provide higher education for carefully selected students.His chief works include Our Fighting Faith,General Education in a Free Society ,and Science and Common Sence.

This is an unimpaireed version of the speech delivered by Dr. Conant in September 1953,with only the last three paragraphs of the original test deleted for brevity's sake.

I welcome you most cordially,both personally and on behalf of the faculty and the student body.We are glad you have come to us and hope you will find this college a place where you may spend four satisfactory years.These will be years of self-development ---self-development along intellectual liners and as human beings.

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    他在 1911 年在那裡變成化學部門的一個成員,在第一次世界大戰中服侍如化學的戰鬥服務的一個主修科目,而且回到哈佛變成化學的 ptofessor。在 1933 年他繼任羅威爾博士為哈佛的總統而且在辦公室中繼續到 1953,當他被為德國任命美國高的委員時候。他的行政在哈佛已經太再斷言他的堅定反對狹窄的特別化。特別地在實驗之中他在最初六年的他 administrati 中開創.

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