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我想要知道作文每次都要寫的有哪些? 像是topic stences or eassy該如何寫呢?


像:first? however? to sum up?


可以在給我清楚的ㄇ?? 我的意思是請直接給我連接詞..


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    1 decade ago
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    A Solid 5 Paragraph Essay

    Topic Sentence: Sum up your idea, your thesis in the essay---你的主旨

    a good topic sentence should include the 3 thesis that you're gonna talk about in your later body paragraph

    3 Body Paragraph:

    First paragraph- thesis: 你第一個重點

    - 3 examples

    Second paragraph- thesis

    - give three examples (quotes (如果你是寫觀於一本書的話), explanation)

    Third paragraph- thesis

    - examples


    restate your topic sentence-- 再解釋你的主旨

    sum up the essay-- 做結尾

    需要用的連接詞: and 和, but 但是, so/ hence/ thus 所以, however/ nevertheless 然而


    Topic: How to write a perfect essay

    Topic sentence: To write a perfect essay, one needs to know enough information about the topic, and made an out line according to the basic 5 paragraph structure of writing an essay; moreover, using creative language and different types of sentence structures also makes the essay more interesting and understandable to the readers.

    First thesis: you need to gather enough informations and make an out line

    Second thesis: you need to understand the basic structure of writing an essay

    Third thesis: use creative language, and change your sentence structures, provide example

    Conclusion: restate the topic sentence

    你要結尾的時候可以用: In conclusion, in sum/ summary

    但是不建議你用, 用句子來結尾比較好

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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