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大家好~我是angie hsu .很高興可以參加這個讀書會和大家一起討論~



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    Hello everyone! I am Angie Hsu. It's nice to participate in this book club to discuss with everyone. I have came here due to my grammar teacher's advice. I think you should all know that I am in year 12. I was born in 1988 and my birthday is a special day -- 14th of February. I think I am the youngest here. I 'm only turning eighteen next year, so please look after me~

    After I graduate from high school next year, I will study uni in California and live with my older brother. I hope I can learn more useful (practical) things there and be accepted in good state universities. You are welcomed to visit me in California in the future.

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    Hi, everyone. I'm gald to join this reading (or book) club and participate in discussions. Because of the Grammar teacher, I think everyone knows I am a senior in high school. I was born in a special day, 2/14, (which is valentine's Day,) in 1988. I'm turning 18 next Feburary.

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    I believe I might be the youngest one in this group, so please help me to get into this group.

    After I graduate next June, I am going to college in California with my brother. I wish I can learn experiences there and hopefully to get in good college. Welcome to visit me in Claifornia!

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    I dont think mine is better, but it's just easier.

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