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Leisure Distress/Anxiety

While a paucity of research has directly tied anxiety to leisure, a wealth of theoretical

and empirical work explored the multidimensional nature of the construct of anxiety.

This work has shown that anxiety functions both as an enduring and predispositional trait

and as a situational, transient state in people’s lives, and that anxiety is perceived (cognitively) and felt (somatically) largely independent of each other. While it is beyond the scope of this paper to report this research in detail, the leisure-related items noted above focus solely on the affective dimension of having unfilled free time, and encapsulate it as a negative affective response. The label and characterization of this construct as one more closely aligned to negative emotion (i.e.,“distress”) is offered more aptly here for the following reasons: The wealth of literature on anxiety as a physiological and psychological construct, the failure of authors to produce any validating data between their “leisure anxiety” items and extant measures of state or trait anxiety, the focus of the leisure items on negative felt response, and the fact that the one leisure item specifically asking the respondent about feeling “anxious” was discarded in the original psychometric testing.

Leisure Sciences, 27: 131–155, 2005

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    希望有幫助到你唷~~~  休閒Distress/Anxiety當研究少數直接地栓了憂慮對休閒, 財富理論並且經驗主義的工作探索了憂慮修建的多維本質。這工作表示, 憂慮起作用兩個作為忍受和predispositional 特徵並且作為情勢, 瞬時狀態在人的生涯中, 和那憂慮被察覺(認知) 並且感到(體壁地) 主要獨立彼此。當它是在範圍本文之外詳細報告這研究, 與休閒相關的項目單一地被注意在焦點之上關於感動維度有未裝滿的自由時間, 和濃縮它作為一個消極感動反應。這修建的標籤和描述特性作為一個嚴密被排列與消極情感(即, "困厄") 更加易於被提供這裡為以下原因: 財富文學在憂慮作為生理和心理修建, 作者的疏忽導致任一確認的資料在狀態或特徵憂慮之間他們的"休閒憂慮" 項目和現存措施, 休閒項目的焦點在陰性感覺反應, 和事實□一個休閒項目具體地詢問應答者關於感覺"急切" 被擯除了在原始心理測量測試。休閒科學, 27: 131-155, 2005 年

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