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1. to not have a prayer

2. to drag one's feet be fit , to be tied

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    1. 完全沒指望,沒希望You don't have a prayer of winning the game. (你們沒有希望贏得比賽的)2. 拖拖拉拉 (or drag one's feet)They are dragging their feet over the project.  (他們這個計畫做的拖拖拉拉)3. 這兩個應該不是同義片語吧be fit (適合) : He's not fit to do this.  (他不適合做這事)be tied (忙的分不開身,或受限於某種情況,be tied的意思很多,不知你要哪個): I don't want to be tied to the job the whole weekend.  (我才不想要一整個周末都被工作綁住!)

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