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請幫我中翻英這篇文章!! "



下了這個決定。 她看到了從未見過的父親,父親一手牽著一個小男孩,一手牽著一個婦人,她知道那是父親的新家庭,她就是知道。她飛也似的逃離了那裡,雖然天氣很晴朗但是她的心卻覺得很冰涼。回到家,她一整晚痛哭,哭完之後她發現其實事情也並不如像她想像的那麼糟,對於從未參與她生命的父親,真的有必要如此執著嘛? 比起棄她不顧的父親,是不是更該珍惜現在在身邊的家人呢? 這一刻,她突然覺得好像鬆了一口氣,她知道這是一個成長,一個真真正正的成長。

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  • Neil
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    1 decade ago
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    She waited to wait, throughout could not wait for the father to contact her, she decided oneself had a look the father, she from neighbor that knew the father now temporarily resides the address, she has gone in a sunny afternoon, after has gone she actually hoped she have not once gotten down this decision. She saw never had seen the father, father pulls a young boy, pulls a woman, she knew that is father's new family, she is knew. She flew running away which also resembled to there, although the weather was very sunny but her heart actually to think very icy coldly. Gets the home, a her whole evening weeps bitterly, after cries she discovered actually the matter also and was inferior to likes her to imagine that the brewer's grain, regarding father which never participates in her life, really has the necessity so rigid? Compares father which abandons her not to attend to, is should treasure now in the side family member? This moment, she suddenly thought looked like a breathe sigh of relief, she knew this was a growth, a really true growth.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She,etc. wait again, less than father and get in touch with her all the time ,etc., she decides she sees father, then from the neighbour she learns

    Address that father stays temporarily now, she went in the afternoon in a sunny one, but she never hopes for herself after going

    Have made this decision. She has seen father who has never seen, father is leading a little boy all alone, leading a woman all alone, she knows that is father's new family, she knows. She fly to where does it flee from too , though weather very much sunny but heart of her feel very much ice-cold. Come back home, she cry bitterly the whole night, she find thing too and as as what she imagined bad actually after crying, to father who has never participated in her life, really necessary to be so persistent? Compared with abandonning father who she ignored , should treasure the family at one's side now even more? At this moment, she suddenly thought that seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, she knew this was a growth, a real growth.

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