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    Made reference to the food to certainly hear don't like to eat this, like to eat that however greatly part of persons will choose their original customs and habits, interesting is in Australia, the people will make into the similar beef,pork,chicken and sausage with the meat of the crocodile coda, and the Scotland makes into the sausage after using the organ and oats and the medicine material of the sheep the admixture, however in middle east and the north not, they prepare to roast this food of the camel at the special party and the wedding, for the American, the food habit of above-mentioned those nations, some personses can accept,some then feel strange, in fact this all comes from each national culture and habitual dissimilarity!

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    Speaking of food, most people are very choosy about what food they eat, which is based on their original social customs . It's very interesting that people in Australia are used to producing something else, like beef, pork, chicken and sausages, which are made out of crocodiles' tails . And in Scotland they are used to making sausages from the mixture of organs of lambs, oats and herb medicine. Nevertheless, in the Middle East

    and North Africa they prepare grilled camels in a special feast and wedding ceremony. As far as Americans are concerned, the above-mentioned food habits of those countries vary from person to person . As a matter of fact, it depends on the different culture and custom of society in every country.

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