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During在...期間 inactive怠惰的 periods期間,she is independent獨立的 for light輕的(負擔) housekeeping家務,self-care自我照顧,and work工作.

She fatigues疲勞 after 2 hours兩小時 of light-to-moderate activity活動 and requires需要 a 20-minute二十分鐘 rest休息 period期間.

During flares爆發(怒氣的) she is severely嚴重地 limited有限的 in ADL,leaves留下 home management管理 tasks工作 to her family,and is unable不能 to work.

She manages設法做到 to do only light輕的(負擔) self-care自我照顧 activities活動 independently獨立.

Observation觀察 of the job職業 by another另一個 worker員工 and Mrs.


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    During inactive periods,she is independent for light housekeeping,self-care,and work.在蜇居期間,她獨自負責簡單的家務,自我照顧並工作。She fatigues after 2 hours of light-to-moderate activity and requires a 20-minute rest period. 從事兩小時的輕度至中度的活動後,她就會感到疲累,並需要廿分鐘的休息。During flares she is severely limited in ADL,leaves home management tasks to her family,and is unable to work.在怒氣失控期間,她在ADL(日常生活活動功能量表)上為重度失能,她將家務交給她家人處裡,也無法工作。She manages to do only light self-care activities independently.她僅能獨立處理簡單的自我照顧工作Observation of the job by another worker and Mrs.其他工作人員與太太的工作觀察。

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    During is here ...During idle periods of inactive during this time, she is independent independent for light light ( bears ) housekeeping house work, self-care is looked after oneself, and work work.

    She fatigues has been tired for after 2 hours two hours of light-to-moderate activity activity and requires needs a 20- minute two Ten minutes rest has a rest during period.

    During flares breaks into limited in ADL of limited seriously of she is severely of anger , leaves leave home management manage tasks work to her family , and is unable can to work.

    She manages tries to make sure that light ( bears ) self-care of to do only light looks after activities activity independently independence oneself.

    Observation observes of the job job by another another worker staff and Mrs

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