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可不可以告訴我 一些常用的表情形容詞?

可以麻煩一下,提供一些表情的形容詞嗎?中、英文都要,例如:快樂 happy、生氣 angry之類的,我大約要四十個,急用,麻煩各位了... 感恩!!

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    happy, sad, angry, wary, tired, sleepy, doppy, sneezy, surprise, shamed,

    AGGRESSIVE: Anger, Annoyance, Contempt, Dislike, Evil, Hatred, Impatience, Irritation, Lust, Madness, Malice, Obstinacy, Rudeness, Stubbornness, Sullen, Superiority, Temper, Violence.

    ALERT: Concentration, Determination, Expectation, Lively, Obedience, Resolution, Seriousness, Tension.

    ANXIOUS: Despair, Isolation, Nervousness, Surprise, Wonder.

    CHEERFUL: Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Fun, Happy, Humour, Irreverence, Joy, Laughter, Pleasure.

    COMPASSIONATE: Courteous, Friendly, Gentle, Intimate, Kindly, Loving, Modest, Patient, Pitiful, Reverential, Warm.

    DEFEATED: Exhaustion, Fatigue, Feebleness, Frustration, Loss, Neglect, Rejection, Remorse, Repentance, Resignation, Shame, Suffering.

    DISTRUSTFUL: Greedy, Envious, Sceptical.

    FRIGHTENED: Fearful, Shy, Timid.

    FROWNING: Scowling.

    GRIEVING: Miserable, Sad, Sorrowful, Unhappy.

    GRIMACING: Pulling a face.

    PAIN: Anguish, Hurting, Sore.

    PEACEFUL: Apathy, Boredom, Complacency, Contemplation, Contentment, Indifference, Passivity, Serenity, Stupidity, Vacant.

    PROUD: Conceit, Confidence, Loyal, Satisfaction, Smug, Trusting, Trustworthy.

    SMILING: Grinning, Leering.

    STARING: Glaring.

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