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拜託… 幫我翻一下.... 我有點急....



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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago
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    Imagine, your wife nourishes the pregnancy of eight months

    You will go on business from Kaohsjung to Taibei, now, you just reached Taibei,

    Suddenly your wife made and said that her having a stomachache may have grown,

    And it is busy that nobody can help to have you near your household, the relative lives in far

    You are unable to go home in a hurry from Taibei within 10 minutes, what shall you do at this moment?

    The above-mentioned what I said were a case last year of our company.

    Mr. Lin is the business representative of a company, busy with the undertaking , busy with going on business from morning till night, seldom at home!

    His wife is because of this reason, will put and save quarrelling from damage in order to think about safely, the gentleman thinks like this too that falls in with wife's wishes to put!

    His wife was pregnant last year, expected date of childbirth is in November; He it wants to be still early to say time , take usual to to Taibei to go on business in the September; He just reached Taibei finally, his wife phoned to say her having a stomachache and seeming to grow, nobody can be able to help and nearby, the relative lives in far, he does not have a method that go home within ten minutes! Suddenly, he expected that our resurgence was saved from damage !

    He will phone to contact us at once, our attendants ask him to rest assured, and has added and sent the daughter to save personnel from damage , get to their family and send his wife to the production of the hospital as soon as possible! Get he when coming back , son of him , a already smooth one sleep on in keeping the case warm! (其他在議建)

    2005-11-06 20:53:20 補充:

    And then, I will recommend our resurgence to save for you from damage !

    Our resurgence was saved from damage and are tenable in 1962, it is domestic first that is established, it is the largest saving the company from damage too;

    Source(s): 程式
  • 2 decades ago

    (繼續)We have accumulated saving experience and good prestige from damage of more than 20 years,

    There are 61 branches in the whole province, over thousands of save attendants from damage ,

    2005-11-06 20:56:58 補充:

    It is the highest that we adhere to ' customer, it regard guest as ' service idea,to customer it make it is the safe, comfortable house and the working environment . Resurgence saves the group from damage with the intact and sound network main line ,

    2005-11-06 20:57:23 補充:

    accurate and sensitive apparatus , host computer , advanced and rigorous communication technology , quality save personnel and careful service network of the whole province from damage superiorly,

    2005-11-06 20:57:34 補充:

    have not stopped for the whole year, has offered omni-directional service of saving from damage to the customer in 24 hours.

    Please see this form,

    This form is proving that resurgence is being saved from damage with the difference that generally saves the company from damage . Legal system

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